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One of our many recent projects:
We recently completed designing, testing, and manufacturing a 5 Meter, 5
Element beam for the United States Army.
Proudly made in the United States with American-made materials.
Maco® 5600 Gamma
We are pleased to announce that we now offer a 20,000 watt Maco® gamma. We saw a need
for a gamma that was priced, and power rated, between our 10,000 and 30,000 watt gammas.

The new Maco® 5600 gamma is made with the same high-quality Teflon and aluminum as our
current high-powered gammas and includes mounting hardware. Contact your favorite Maco®
retailer for pricing.
Maco introduces the new VQ3 V-Quad® Antenna that has been designed and
tested by the Maco Engineering Department over the last 18 months. The VQ3
is a 3 element full wave antenna that is great for DXing. It is directional and can
be used on horizontal and vertical polarization with one feed line. The VQ3 is
tunable for 10 or 11 meters. Retail cost is $294 - contact your favorite Maco
reseller to purchase.

Boom Length: 13’4”
Boom OD: 2”
Elements: 3
Turn Radius: 13’6”
Wind Load: 7.0 sq ft
Wind Survival: 90 mph
Gain: 14.5 dB
Front to Back Separation: 30.5 dB
Power Multiplication: 27X
Tuning: 10/11 Meters
Power Handling: 2kW stock (upgradable to 5kW)

Weight: 22 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 82” x 6” x 6”
Ships By: UPS/FedEx