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Customer Antenna Gallery
Matthew in Rhode Island sent in this
great pic of his brand new Maco set-up,
a M103 and a V58 on top of it. "Been
say thank you for making these great
say thank you for making these great
antennas so we are able to talk antennas
so we are able to talk everywhere."
Thanks again 73's Matthew 2W357
Rhode Island
Thanks to Jerome in Alabama for
anything for my Maco Comet 6
element beam. On day one I talked to
Germany and I live in Alabama."
The nice looking set up above comes
from San Francisco's LightFoot. It is a
Maco 4 Element with a Maco V5/8
mounted on top. Both antennas are that
he is pleased with the performance of
the antennas and ease of installation.
Jeff Miller's Maco 5 Element Beam
and Maco V5000 in
Avisford, New South Wales
Getting ready for a keydown with
his Maco M103C
Cajun from Alabama.  It has a Maco
V5000 on top, Maco stacked 103's
in the middle, and below that is a
and installed on the top of the tower
by Little Cajun himself.   
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Here we have a few pictures sent in
shows the conversion of his vintage
Laser 400 to a 6 element and the
Skeeter427's Stacked M104s sitting at
45' in Pottsville, PA.  He tells us,
"Thank you Maco, for letting this
station be heard". You can find him
Loving this fun picture that Unit 101 out
of Norristown, PA sent in!  He tells us,
"I've talked to California, Germany,
Venezuela with my V-Quad. It's my 3rd
one and I would recommend one to
anybody, I like the fact that it's small and
works vertical and horizontal at the same
time. Its plain awesome."
sending in this great picture
of his newly installed M103!
Jim (166 West Michigan) sent in
this AWESOME picture of his M107
- he tells us that it's working great
and he talks a lot of DX with it.
400 out in Shelby, North
Carolina. It's on a 90' tower and
103' to center of the boom.  
Big thanks to Jeff for sending in these great pictures of the new Maco BA-1 Balcony Antenna
on his 55'. He says, "Well, after getting all set up , I have pictures of the NEW BA-1 antenna
Big thanks to John for
sending in this picture of his
Maco Asteroid!
Robert's Comet in Alabama
Thanks to Jeff in Charlotte,
picture of his M108! It is up 56'.
Big thanks to Earl in Atlanta, GA
for sending in this great picture of
his M103HV on his 50' tower
Getting good reports for Andy
in Philadelphia  on his  V58.
He's using only 3' radials due
to space limitations and it's
working well!
Loving this picture of Albert's 45'
and he tells us he is happy with
the beam and thinking about
getting a M104. He is located in
Thanks to Davis for
sending in this great
picture of his M107!
Michael in Adelaide, Australia.
is giving us good reports on his
Y-Quad: "I must say it works
BETTER than I thought. For such
a small antenna its unbelievable,
You guys make a great product!"
Thanks to Jeremy for sending in
this great picture of his new
V5000! He says, "I ended up with a
waiting for that DX to come rolling
thru. thanks for a great product
Thanks Rolypoly in Guntersville,
Alabama for the great V-Quad
picture. "Easy install under 3 hrs
by myself about 26 feet off the
Albert from Hamilton, Ontario sent
in this great picture of his M104.
He upgraded his set up from a
M103 and is loving his new beam.
Looking good up there!
Check out this extreme set up!
Owned by David in Morgantown,
West Virginia, this is a set of stacked
8's on 50 foot extended booms and
mounted on a 20' stacking boom.
It sits on a mountain top and is
engineered for 27.305 mhz. Amazing!
set up sent in by Don 606 'the
badmutha in the fat back'
Love seeing these big antennas in
the air! Thanks, Don!
Baloney's 5 Element Stacked
Set Up in Central Illinois
Looks great!!!
Baloney's 5 Element Stacked
Set Up in Central Illinois
Looks great!!!
David in Delaware, known to
Big thank you goes out to for
these great pics of his 16 year
old M104.
Big thank you goes out to
David in Delaware, known to
for these great pics of his 16
year old M104.
Here we have a few pictures sent in
by Wayne in Australia. The first image
shows the conversion of his vintage
Laser 400 to a 6 element and the back
to the Laser 400 was complete.
Modified version of the M107. Driver element
changed to a hairpin. And the guy supports
modded. Alot ofDxing made 15 contacts in 30
minutes to the UK. 73 595 fun on 27.385 LSB.
Stan's M103 on the flatside in the Hawaiian Islands
Love this great picture of the Maco Comet sent in by
Roger. He says: "Just put this up a few days ago and it's
working better than my vertical ground plane that's 30
feet higher! I don't have room for anything bigger so I
From Mista Foty Fo around the of my
M107 back in 2005 for your gallery on
the website. It was 11 years old at
that time. It was on a 40 foot Rohn
Tower with a 4 foot extension on the
bottom and was turned by a Ham IV.
Laser 500 in Manchester, New Hampshire. also
known as Mr. Johnnie Holmes). Peter is
running a Browning Mark III radio and his
Laser 500 sits 40' in the air. Looks great up
Here we have Wayne's specially
It is a M107 on a 40' 4 1/2"
boom. It sits 52' to the center of
doing a really good job.
to Europe Australia and all over US and Canada. From my shack in Harper
Woods Michigan. 595.  27.385 LSB
m107 at 108ft. The top 64ft is rohn free
standing and I built the bottom which tilts at
the ground, no climbing, Im 62 years old and
like to do everything by myself. It is pulled
up by a 8000lb winch. Takes about 30
minutes to put it up or take it down.
Truck Services for sending in these She
says: "We are located in Sneads,
Florida.  Our tower is about 89 feet
including antenna, my husband Gene
loves the way this antenna
performs-thanks for all your help in
answering all my questions"
Big thanks to Rick aka One Eyed Hank or
Dr. Nasty in Pevely, Missouri for sending
in these great pictures of his set up.
Thanks for sharing with us! Glad you're
enjoying them!
amazing picture of his 7 element
Super Bowl is Mr. Lowrider. My
handle on the Puerto Rican Super
Bowl is Mr. Veneno.
Thank you to Lou in Southern
Maryland for this great picture of his
Maco® V-Quad!
Thank you to Smokestack in Joshua
Tree, CA for sending in this perfect
picture of his M105HV. He says: "Here is
my HV105 on a 40 foot crank up tower,
best antenna ever, have talked all over,
Scotland,the Netherlands, England from
here in Joshua tree California"
Thank you to Dakota in Ila, GA for
sharing this awesome picture of his
V5000 with us!
Stunning picture submitted by Paul
Pittman of his Maco® Shooting
Star! Taken Christmas Eve 2015
Thank you to 256 out of ATL for sending in
this great picture of his Maco® M103!
Here we have an
impressive-looking eight element
built by Mr. 21nickle in
Washington. It was built out of
spare parts and parts purchased
from the Maco® factory.
Loving this picture sent in by
Martin in Arizona of his Maco®
15 miles inland from the southern New Jersey coast you'll find
Hound Dogs(aka 442) Maco Shooting Star making contacts across
the country and beyond. It survived several coastal storms in the
last 12 years with no problem.   
The set up shown in the photo above is
Shooting Star Beam that has been
mounted on a 13' x 2" mast pipe on top
of a 72 foot Rohn tower.
M103 on a 600 foot hill in Oregon. He
says: "this antenna  works!" (Buzzard  
Portland  Oregon  still  Circling).
Big thanks to World Radio 677
out of Australia for this great
This is an M108 built on a 43.5'
Thank you 62 Boston for
sharing your M103 with us!
Thank you to Caveman in
Virginia for this awesome
picture of his Laser 400
Another great looking  antenna shown above
made with salvaged items plus lots of parts
purchased from Maco®! Thank you to Mr
21nickle out of Moses Lake WA for sharing
with us.
Rick in Mississippi's M103.
Wow, what a great picture from 155 Texas!
He says: Been running my Maco V5000
ground plane for years now trouble free
with no issues.  it is pole mounted at 30'
M106C is up on the horizontal side at 55'
and works great!

155 Texas / #73 Chicago Rack Pack
Big thank you to 315 Warlock (Ron) in
Silverwood, Michigan for sharing his Maco set up.
Great pic from Dave of his 7 element tuned
for 26.715 am Spanish radio Lakosafea
Thanks for sending this in guys! "Our mobile 4
element maco tuned for 26.715am raised with air
boom Longamade an mr bombillo my self in the
middle Lakosafea Spanish radio"
This is 513 Nebraska with my stack v quads with
the Maco stack kit on a custom-built tripod
"Here is my Y Quad up and
loving it 606 love country"
"Thanx and a tip of the hat
to you guys for a great
product (the V-Quad)
and even better support."
Thanks, William!
"Thanks for a great product. Nice and
compact" Lucifer123 Phila. Pa.
Big thanks to Budweiser Kid for this awesome picture of his new Laser 500.
Thank you to Saunders in Richmond VA for sharing this beautiful picture
of his Flat 8 with Jamaican reflector colors. Love it!
Thanks to Stephen for sending in
this great picture of his M103s.
Pole mounted and 52' in the air!
"This is my Maco V58 atop a Maco
M104C (flat side) on a 35' Rohn 25
tower. The ground radials are removed
from the V58, utilizing the horizontal
beam as the ground plane. SWRs are
1.1 all the way across the 11 meter
band on both antennas. This
configuration works extremely well for
me." Doughboy in Ft Pierce FL
747 in Central Oregon KG7CXP
Big thank you to Jan in the
Netherlands for sharing his my
signal easely from the Netherlands
back to its source in the USA.
Great antenna. Thanks!"
Thank you to mano negra 454
for sending in his V-Quad!
BIG thanks to BIG BEAR in St Louis for
this great picture of his new Maco VQ3!
talking all over the map ,the best one I
had and I had many"
Thanks to Tim in Vidalia, GA for
sending in his Y-Quad that is up 55' in
the air.  
Rev Dr 455 is loving his new Gizmotchy BL8 Big
League Series and it sure looks good high in the
Georgia sky. Check them out here:
386 Gunslinger's Shooting Star
sure looks good against that
Texas City, TX blue sky!
Thank you to Rick for this impressive
picture of his M108 up in the air.
John in Florida is loving his Maco BA1
Balcony Antenna!
Thanks to Bug in the Mag out of
Poplarville, MS for sharing his M107 with us!
Love this picture from 103 out of South
Jersey. He's rocking the Maco Flat 6.